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TOC Campout!

TOC Campout!

Dunno what that pic has to do with camping and mtn biking.  But it looks like fun, ‘cept for the guy in front.

Anyhoo . . . take an easy ~5 mile trail warmup ride from your campsite to the Fest/Race base of operations.  Avoid parking!  Minimal elevation on the green level shoreline and valley trails.

Overland Mtn Bike Club has sites 145 thru 154 set aside on Fri & Sat nights for TOC participants.  These are beautiful shoreline Horsetooth Reservoir Inlet Bay campsites, with the Fest/Race base a few miles north at Soldier Canyon picnic area.

Reserve your site via email/phone through the CONTACT US page.  Hurry!  First come, first served, and Overland must release all unused sites before Memorial Day.


  • $25 each night, allowing up to 2 tents, 8 persons and 2 cars.  Buddy up with your fellow TOC’ers!
  • Vans, travel trailers, motorhomes etc count as 1 vehicle and require their own site at $25 each night.   This does allow one tent with a van/trailer; other limits apply.
  • Sites are on the Inlet Bay loop.  All have electricity, picnic table, fire pit.  Toilets & potable water nearby; showers at another loop down the road a bit.  Marina & restaurants nearby.
  • Nope, you cannot reserve the TOC sites listed above online via the Horsetooth system; only through TOC.  Feel free to reserve other camp sites tho!
  • Horsetooth Reservoir campground and Inlet Bay map details

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